Liquidating roth ira rules

Individuals who have earned income and their spouses, if married filing jointly, can contribute to a Traditional IRA up until the year they turn 70 1/2.

With a Traditional IRA, you may be able to deduct your contributions on your taxes, which can help lower your tax bill.

And, if you deducted your contributions to the account, you'll owe tax on the entire balance of the withdrawal. If you withdraw from your account before you reach 59 1/2, you'll likely incur a penalty of 10% of the amount of the withdrawal, in addition to the taxes you owe.

The exceptions for which you avoid this penalty include using the withdrawal to pay for qualifying medical expenses, college tuition, and up to ,000 toward the purchase of a first home for yourself, your child, or your parents. To find your RMD, you divide your account balance at the end of the previous year, which is typically Dec.

If you have children or grandchildren whom you hope will go beyond high school and receive a college education, there's a good chance you've thought about setting some money aside to help pay their expenses.

There are some terrific ways to do this, including Most people think of the Roth IRA as a terrific method to save for retirement—which it is—but it can also be a great tool to help you cover Junior's university tab.

You may begin to make withdrawals from a traditional IRA as soon as you turn 59 1/2.

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If you have reached the age of 59½, you can write checks from your account to facilitate your distributions while managing your bills at the same time.

The five-year period for qualified withdrawals starts on January 1 of the first tax year for which you make a Roth contribution. 1, 2008 even though the contribution was actually made in 2009. 1, 2013, you can take tax-free qualified withdrawals from any and all Roth IRAs that you own — as long as you’re 59½ or older.

Example 1: You established your first Roth IRA with a regular annual contribution on April 15, 2009. For instance, say you opened a second Roth account in 2012 by converting a traditional IRA.

You can take your required distribution any time before Dec. But, you must be sure to withdraw at least the required minimum, as taking out too little will result in a significant penalty of 50% on the amount you were required to but didn't withdraw.

If your Roth IRA account has been open for at least five years, you don't owe any federal income tax if you withdraw from your account at 59 1/2 or later.

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