Internet times out when updating iphone

Also getting a network error timeout error check internet connection.

Mobile data is on as is 3g settings are as per my iphone contract.

internet times out when updating iphone-65internet times out when updating iphone-1

The update doesn't seem to be downloading on my i Phone 5S, either, but it downloaded part way on a relative's Wi-Fi network earlier this week.The devices work fine all other places with wifi, which leads me to believe it has something to do with my Unifi setup.Our internet is provided by a 90/90 fiber and when I test from a cabled desktop computer that is approximately the speed I get.When I test from our laptops with wireless connection, I get somewhere in the region of 30/30 which I believe is acceptable.When testing from our i Phones or i Pads, I get varying results ranging from 9/9 to 0.5/0.1 if I get a connection at all.

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