Dating love site in lsrael

“I thought the way to perhaps make things approachable for their children,” she said.

“I sensed that they would have liked the children to meet Mizrahi Jews, but geographical issues are a problem, [and] it wasn’t going to happen.” She thought that connections made online could be the answer.

Targeted at Millennials, JSwipe was inspired by the Tinder matchmaking app, which has been around since late 2012.

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At the point in time when the Exodus story begins the family of 70 individuals that arrived in Egypt at the time of Joseph has grown to a nation of about 3 million people.

If they accept as well (the second party has 5 days to decide), the guy gets the girl’s phone number and has three days to call her.

They can talk things over and schedule a date if they so choose.

“The moment I touched Tinder, I knew we needed something like this for the Jewish community,” JSwipe founder David Yarus told The Times of Israel while on a recent visit to Israel.

“Tinder is about hookups, but JSwipe by design has a different intention.

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