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Don't try to redefine what lesbian is, just to suit your sexuality, and feel better about yourself.

Doesn't matter how a man looks and what he is wearing, he is a man. they live comments for one another on Instagramerika lives in sweden, she didnt walk in any FW so sometimes i think its a stretch to call her a model.

It’s all about being yourself and be respected for it.

Andrej Pejic, one of our favorite models, has slipped in front of Sara M.

I hope people can be open minded and let everyone in this world celebrate their lives whichever way they choose to live it. They would make a beautiful couple, match made in fashion heaven.While attending high school at University High, Andrej was described as being 'academically brilliant.'According to Vangardist Magazine, Pejić was in a relationship with ADEEN designer Rembrandt Duran, who explicitly refers to Andrej as 'she', but they broke up.It is widely believed that Andrej had previously dated Swedish model and fellow androgynous personality, Erika Linder.She's really into music and starts writing and producing songs I've heard, also with acting since she lives in LA. she isnt like andrej who actually is much in demand. Just the fact that they can make a huge difference in the industry is something great and powerful.

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