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A few years later, The Actor scored a leading role in an award winning indie film.

The summer after his big break, we reconnected and went on a few dates.

Self-love in our culture is synonymous with punishment.

There's nothing patient or gentle to be said about it: it's partying hard, it's juice cleansing hard, it's Vipassana retreating hard, it's checking out on Pay Pal hard.

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While the dads themselves look varied enough - bearded dad, dad-bod dad, alcoholic dad - what if you don’t want to date another dad. Your one and only goal is to meet and romance the other hot dads, through mini-games and side-quests, taking you down a variety of paths and endings.

I used to think of The Actor as "The One That Got Away." I couldn't help but wonder if I'd been older and given him more of a chance back then, that things would have turned out differently.

That is, until the text conversation we had a few months ago.

I liked him, but my mind and heart were elsewhere, so I let our budding romance fizzle.

When he moved to Hollywood to pursue acting full-time and started to get roles in a handful of popular TV shows, we stayed in touch, weaving in and out of each other's lives thanks to social media.

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