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Among those caught was a man who claimed to be an Indiana police officer who drove 350 miles to meet with and allegedly have sex with a girl he believed was just 13 years old. Patterson, 24, had been thrown out of the police academy years before, but had a 9mm gun hidden in his car.

As he was being arrested during the sting, he ran back into the house where NBC was taping the show.

“It’s something that has struck a chord with people,” correspondent Chris Hansen says of the series.

“It’s just one of those things that for whatever their reasons, people will watch it if its offered.” Critics have called the show a form of entrapment – and law-enforcement people are bothered that the program is produced with civilian volunteers posing as underage kids.

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Like chat rooms, where you can just join a random room and start talking to people about anything you want, there also are video chat rooms. There are many video chat services online that you can just randomly sign up for and start discovering new life forms.

It’s really very simple to start a video chat with a stranger or even friends.

You will need to have access to a webcam and a microphone, if you want to start a random video chat with someone.

Some of them can be used for finding random people to talk to and some of them can be used for private video chatting.

I usually use Skype on my desktop or Facetime on i Phone for video chatting with my known friends.

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